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Bubble Odyssey
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Odyssey Double-Bubble Lampe
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Marken Ersatzlampe passend für Odyssey Double-Bubble. Tel.: 02264/2006-12 Fragen? bestellen? - Mengenrabatt auf alle, schon bei zwei Ersatzlampen. Haben Sie Fragen oder Probleme z.B. mit dem Lampenwechsel. Wir helfen Ihnen gerne bei Problemen mit Ih

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Fling! , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 533min
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Is it possible to come of age at 60 or 90? Is it ever too late to fulfill your dreams? When 90-year-old Bubbles receives a letter from Mexico City asking her to pick up her mother´s ashes, lost there 70 years earlier and only now surfacing, she hatches a plan. A woman with a mission, Bubbles convinces her hippie daughter Feather to accompany her on the quest. Both women have recently shed husbands, and have a secondary agenda: they´d like a little action. And they get it. Alternating narratives weave together Feather and Bubbles´ odyssey. The two women head south from Canada to Mexico, where Bubbles´ long-dead mother, grandmother, and grandfather turn up, enlivening the narrative with their hilarious antics. In Mexico, where reality and magic co-exist, Feather gets a new sense of her mother, and Bubbles´ quest for her mother´s ashes - and a new man - increases her zest for life. Unlike most women her age, fun-loving Bubbles takes risks, believing she´s immortal. She doesn´t hold back in any way, eating heartily and lusting after strangers, exulting in her youthful spirit. Has Bubbles discovered a fountain of youth that everyone can drink from? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Anna Crowe. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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