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Humpback Whale Sunset Cruise
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From August to November the filter feeding Humpback Whales use the waters of the Exmouth Gulf as a resting point for the pods of adults and calves before they continue their journey down the West Coast, back to their feeding grounds of Antarctica.Therefore countless pods of whales in the protected waters of the Gulf are seen day after day, resting, playing and providing amazing viewing opportunities as they perform spy hops, tail slaps, breeches, pectoral slapping and bubble blowing. This two hour Sunset Whale Watching Cruise is the perfect experience for anyone wanting a beautiful evening out on the water while having the opportunity to view these magnificent creature in their natural habitat.The gourmet platters, Exmouth prawns and light refreshments are always popular and the fun and professional crew members will be providing interesting and insightful commentary on the Humpback Whales throughout the evening. 

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