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Christmas and Candy Canes celebrates the holidays with Santa´s elves, singing mermaids, and a surprise party. The doves flutter, the mermaids dance, and Goldy Goldfish and her little friends twirl with the blue bubbles in their park aquarium. Ollie and Oscar Octopus become friends while exploring the island´s cave. The sea horses fastened pretty-colored shells to the tall sea grass. The big surprise is a sunken ship with many treasures. Santa and his helpers are very busy making toys for his special nighttime travel by sleigh. Mikey gives a special Christmas present. A barnyard chipmunk has a hidden home in the barn. Feathery friends enjoy their new birdhouses built by their human friend Mr. Smith. The jolly Snow family are so happy, and they dance and sing. Pen-Pen gets a pair of ice skates. Randy the Reindeer makes a special Christmas present for his family. Reddy and Robby Raccoon get into mischief at the babbling brook. Reading Rabbit helps the teacher. Squeaky Squirrel squeaks and squeaks with his new shoes, helping Mr. Owl with a special musical sound. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Erin Meyer. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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